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Community Ministry Partners

Our church wants to invest in our local ministry partners with our financial resources and through the involvement of our members. God calls us to generously and sacrificially share with others in need. One way we can demonstrate our love for God is by caring for those in need and putting their needs above our own. As a new and growing church, there are many ways that the money given to the church could be used to support the ministry that is taking place within the church building, but we’re convinced that God wants us to see that our ministry must go beyond ourselves. We’re committed to giving 20% of the gifts we receive from our members and attenders in their weekly offerings to our partner ministries and special ministry needs in our community.

BCCC recognizes that ministries have ongoing operational needs that are greatly aided by consistent financial support. There are also special one-time needs that arise without warning that present opportunities for God’s people to share his love in tangible ways. BCCC wants to be used by God to provide both ongoing support and one-time gifts. The church leadership will determine how to distribute the church’s 20% missions fund. Each year the elders will determine the percentage of giving that will be set aside for missions and identify the partner ministries. Although BCCC is only making a one year commitment to each of its local partner ministries, we believe it is important to invest in a ministry for multiple years as God enables and the value of the partnership is demonstrated.  

Just as Jesus came down from heaven to dwell among us, we believe it is important for us to come alongside these ministries and invest our personal time in supporting their work in addition to sharing our finances. We will encourage people that are part of BCCC to volunteer their time and pray for our local partner ministries.

The ministry partners that BCCC is choosing to work with in 2020 are Alternatives of Battle Creek, Youth Guidance Foster Care & Adoption, The Jail Ministry, Battleground Skate Park, and Women’s Life Recovery Program at The Haven of Rest. Each of these ministries have discipleship programs and give BCCC the opportunity to minister to the unborn and their families, to youth, to children and foster parents, to the addicted, and to women in life transition. The stated mission of BCCC’s Ministry Partners are:

Alternatives of Battle Creek

The mission of Alternatives is to promote the value of human life by serving the unborn and their families through the love of Jesus Christ.

Youth Guidance Foster Care & Adoption

Youth Guidance connects children and youth to loving families, families to secure futures, individuals to caring community, and community to personal faith. We do this through our foster care and adoption program, our mentor program for parolees, and our community connections events and services, which help build positive relationships in our community.

Battleground Skate Park

The mission of the Battleground Skate Park is to introduce youth to Christ, to walk with them through the discipleship process, and to connect them with the local faith community, all through the platform of skateboarding and BMX.

Women's Life Recovery Program @ the Haven of Rest

The mission of the Haven is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ so that all may experience God’s love. Clothe, feed, and shelter the homeless in the name of Christ. Disciple individuals to become spiritually, physically, and emotionally functional, and able to live optimally within God’s kingdom and the community.

The Jail Ministry @ the the Haven of Rest

The Calhoun County Jail Ministry seeks to provide a Christian Evangelistic Ministry, for the Salvation of the incarcerated.

We realize there are multiple ministries in our community worthy of our support.  However, we feel led to start with the local partner ministries that have been identified and pray that in the future God will enable us to expand our partnerships.